Access to St Clements from Hamlets Way (NEW)

  • Residents have recently received a communication from Linden advising that the rear smaller gate on Hamlets Way will be decommissioned on 23/09/19. This smaller gate was originally installed as a works access, and was used by residents when the first St Clements homes were purchased 2-3 years ago, as access was not possible from the front of the site at that time
  • The letter sent to residents erroneously stated that the large rear gate is currently open from dawn to dusk every day (which is what is specified in the planning conditions for the site)
  • The Residents Association was not consulted on the closure of the smaller gate, but have since been advised by FirstPort that it needs to be decommissioned as planning permission was only granted for the larger gate
  • Given that this is not the same reason that was communicated to residents in the notice from Linden, the Residents Association have approached Tower Hamlets Anti-Social Behaviour team, the Tower Hamlets planning team and our MP to see if we can get the matter clarified.