Anti-social behaviour (ASB), crime and security; improvements to St Clements (NEW)

  • Further to the previous update on ASB and security at St Clements, the deadline that Linden was given by the Tower Hamlets Anti-Social Behaviour team and Tower Hamlets Community Crime Prevention team to make improvements on the site has lapsed
  • The TH ASB team have requested a further meeting with Linden, but have yet to agree a date
  • The RA have asked several times to be given an itemised list of the issues and remedial works that Linden have been tasked with, however the TH ASB team have stated that they will not disclose their report to the RA
  • The RA has also asked to be invited to any further meetings with the ASB team and Linden, however the TH ASB team have stated that they do not feel that it is appropriate for us to join
  • FirstPort have advised that Linden are trying to negotiate with them about who will cover some of the costs for works, as Linden are claiming that some issues are not their responsibility
  • The RA have asked our local MP to make contact with all parties involved to try and get meaningful updates and to progress matters
  • On a related note, bike thefts continue to be a significant issue in St Clements. The RA will be circulating a brief online survey to all residents to try to capture the extent of this issue, so that we have hard data to help bolster our argument to the TH ASB team and to TH Council that immediate action must be taken to improve the security of the bike sheds.

RA Objective for 2019: To hold Linden to account for the promised safety and security improvements to the site, such as to lighting and bike stores etc., as well as reviewing the potential for (and associated costs of) additional improvement measures such as better CCTV, and broader community initiatives such as reactivating the neighbourhood watch scheme. Includes working with the Tower Hamlets ASB team, TH Community Crime Prevention team, and TH Planning Officers. Priority: HIGH.