Site Handover and Service Charge (NEW)

  • On 12/09/19 the RA team had a two-hour meeting with Tom Compston from FirstPort, primarily focused on site handover and our historic and ongoing service charge bills
  • Recent demands for service charges issued by FirstPort to residents have once again been based on estimates, and no record of actual costs has been provided since residents moved onto the St Clements site in 2015
  • A formal Stage One Complaint has already been submitted to FirstPort regarding a variety of issues, including the service charge, but we have not seen progress to date, so this is being escalated to the relevant Ombudsman. However following the meeting with FirstPort on the 12th, we believe that further action must also be urgently taken to hold Linden and First Port to account for issuing accurate service charge bills
  • For this reason, the RA are exploring our statutory rights in relation to the service charge and what action we can take as body to resolve this matter for residents
  • If any residents have any professional experience in this area, or know somebody with relevant legal expertise, and are happy to discuss with the RA, we would be grateful
  • Please note that although the service charge is deeply frustrating, as residents we have an obligation to pay any bills that have been issued in accordance with our leases.

RA objective for 2019: Ensuring that Linden and FirstPort issue accurate service charge bills – addressing historic errors, issuing relevant credits back to residents, and providing fair and realistic budgets. Ensuring that the service charge accounts are up to date as soon as possible, and certainly in time for the handover to the Residents Management Company (when this is set up). Supporting residents with existing complaints to FirstPort and Linden (where these are on behalf of groups of residents or whole blocks) and ensuring that Linden take responsibility for any costs that should not be passed on to residents. Priority: HIGH.