St Clements Energy Centre; Ardor/ ISTA, Ofgem (NEW)

  • Ofgem continue to look in to issues surrounding the supply of hot water/central heating from the Energy Centre at St Clements. Thank you to all those who have provided us with information and bills. If anyone else would still like to provide theirs, then please do let us know via the usual RA email address
  • The RA have written to Linden requesting an update, noting that it is now almost nine months since Ardor Biomass Limited went into administration. Linden have confirmed that they do not currently have an update, other than they are in dialogue with several parties and that it is a significant task to resolve
  • They have assured us however that they will consult with residents before appointing any new energy supplier. We have this confirmation in writing
  • We have also raised billing issues with Ista. The rationale for not providing bills to residents is that Ista have not been given the correct tariff to charge since the start of April 2019
  • Once they have the correct tariff, they will go back to issuing bills. What they haven’t clarified is what will happen to the bills they issued for the first quarter in 2019, which in most cases were grossly over estimated and on a previous Ardor tariff
  • WithEnergy continues to maintain the Energy Centre
  • The RA are interested in hearing from any new residents that have recently bought a property as to what they are being advised about the provision of heat from the Energy Centre by Linden and their solicitors when exchanging and completing.

RA objective for 2019: To clarify what is happening with regards to the St Clements Energy Centre following Ardor Biomass Limited falling into administration in January 2019, including arrangements for billing via ISTA and maintenance via WithEnergy, and challenging to ensure that whatever arrangements are put into place for the future are fair and equitable for residents (including being charged for the correct fuel). Priority: HIGH.