Waste/ Bins/ Fly tipping (NEW)

  • We have been advised by FirstPort that refuse collections will start to be taken over by Tower Hamlets Council as soon as practically possible
  • It is our understanding that Tower Hamlets Council and FirstPort will be meeting on site the week of the 23rd September 2019 to discuss the wider waste strategy
  • This should mean that once agreed, waste will start to be recycled as per Tower Hamlets guidelines
  • On the wider waste issues and the poorly executed ‘Sulo’ bins, our Councillor Dan Tomlinson continues to champion our case and is in dialogue with the Tower Hamlets Head of Waste Strategy and Tower Hamlets Planning enforcement team. Commitments made by Linden back in May 2019 to improve the Sulo bins were not met, and the issues relating to waste continue to occur, to the deep frustration of all parties mentioned here
  • The RA continue to advocate for a Community Protection Notice to be served on Linden for the poor approach to waste management
  • The RA are also putting as much pressure as possible on Linden and FirstPort to deliver the remaining bins on site as soon as possible to ensure that there is enough capacity as the number of occupied apartments on site increases.

RA objective for 2019: Working to hold Linden to account for improving waste facilities at St Clements, and then enhancing resident communications to ensure proper use of said facilities. Priority: HIGH.